1. To explore the crucial elements of a reliable journalist’s craft (balance, reliability, usage of proper sources);
  2. To learn to evaluate the reliability of sources and to approach any information critically;
  3. To explore the interrelation between media messages and tolerance/intolerance in our societies, especially in regard to the topic of migrant and refugee crisis;
  4. To learn how to distinguish between media and audience bias;
  5. To build the capacity of Muslim Youth in terms of leadership skills and empower them through meaningful participation in the media;
  6. To facilitate young people’s connection to heritage, language, culture and identity through media participation;
  7. To explore and understand media and youth participation in media with cultural diversity as concepts and group processes;
  8. To develop competences of participants in the field of media;
  9. To provide tools for multiplication and development of youth participation in media.
  10. To identify possible directions and strategy of work in the field of development of youth participation in media in the realities of participants;
  11. To foster networking among participants and motivate potential leaders and multipliers to engage in promotion of youth participation in media on local communities.